Google AdWords Advertising

What is Google AdWords Advertising?

In a nutshell, PPC advertising on Google AdWords allows you to create online ads in Google that can target a specific audience with a defined budget. Constant analysis and monitoring of the AdWords campaign is vital in order to ensure you are getting maximum exposure with minimum costs from your pay-per-click campaign.

The Tomorrow Lab and Google AdWords advertising

At The Tomorrow Lab, we are experts in crafting high performing Google AdWords campaigns. This includes implementing, monitoring, analysing, and constantly improving your presence on AdWords. We have the skills and experience to engage with AdWords on the highest level and this, combined with our creativity, allows us to approach AdWords advertising with absolute confidence.

The Tomorrow Lab, Google AdWords Advertising and you

It’s pretty easy to set up a Google AdWords campaign, but it’s quite hard to do right and make it profitable. We begin the process by doing a review of existing or recent AdWords campaigns, or if it’s all new to you we’ll happily sit down and explain the ins and outs. We analyse the available data and make recommendations for optimising future campaigns, we set up Google AdWords campaigns from scratch, and we implement ongoing campaign management and reviews. Our PPC experts will handle all this and ensure we maximise your budget to achieve an excellent return on investment.

Our PPC services include;

  • Review of existing/recent AdWords campaigns
  • Recommendations for optimising future campaigns
  • Google AdWords campaign set-up
  • Ongoing campaign management and review